Chelsea Jarvie in Caithness Scotland

Taking some time to enjoy Scotland

Since lockdown has been eased I took a trip to the top of Scotland to visit my brother…

Since lockdown has been eased I took a trip to the top of Scotland to visit my brother and it was amazing! Time away from my home which has morphed into my full-time living and working space was long overdue and getting to spend time with family again was precious.

I loved it so much that I had to share some of my pictures, experiences and top tips for those planning a visit.

1. Visit Dunnet Head

As it is technically the most Northernly point of the UK, it is worth a trip in itself but once you get there the views are incredible. Over the water you can see Orkney. The cliffs are home to thousands of sea birds, including the adorable puffin. We went puffin patrolling and were very successful!

2. Puffin Patrol

You can spot the adorable puffin around the cliffs as well as some other cool sea birds. We were lucky to see a few flying about or nesting but we didn’t manage to get a clear picture. Binoculars are a good help but don’t get too close to the cliff edge for a look!!

3. Take a stroll to John O’Groats

Where many people end/begin their trip the length of the UK, John O’Groats is an interesting stop point with views of Stroma, a now uninhabited island. Follow the coast to the East to find the Stacks.

4. The Stacks


These incredible rock formations that are disconnected from the cliffs are worth the walk through the sheep fields. These cliffs also have loads of birds, so you may be able to spot a puffin here too!

5. Spend some time on the beach at Dunnet Bay

The beach has white sand and is really clean! The wind makes it a great place for surfing, paddle boarding and wind surfing so if you enjoy some water sports then it’s definitely worth a trip. With the backdrop of the cliffs, the view is incredible, you won’t want to go home!

On the way back home, I dropped into Queen’s View in Pitlochry. The view speaks for itself! Check it out.

Being by the sea and out and about in the incredible natural scenery Scotland has to offer was excellent. Have you been to any of these spots? If not, you must put it on your bucket list! I hope you manage to see and experience this amazing part of the world and love it as much as I do!


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