Introducing Neon Threads – the home of on-trend ecofriendly fashion

I’m so excited to be able to combine my love for design and fashion, with my passion for…

I’m so excited to be able to combine my love for design and fashion, with my passion for sustainability and female empowerment. Neon Threads is my new online store where I’ve launched a range of 100% organic cotton t-shirts, jumpers and tote bags which are designed to be recycled!

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

The supplier of my products has nailed the manufacturing process, so I’m delighted to be using them. From start to finish the manufacturing process is ethical and fair for all involved, as well as eco-friendly. They use 100% organic cotton, and all waste from the processing of the cotton is transformed into cow feed or vegetable oil. Not to mention their factory is powered by renewable energy! Winning.

No Waste and Plastic Free

In addition to there being no waste from processing the cotton, there is no waste in the printing of your product. When you order from Neon Threads your product is made for you and delivered in plastic free packaging. Once you receive it you can recycle the packaging and enjoy wearing your organic, eco-friendly product.


Once your product has done its time, it can be sent back and remade into something else. In return you’ll get credit for the store!  There is no need for any product from Neon Threads to go into landfill.

What’s Next?

In the tech world we would call my launch, MVP (Minimum Viable Product)! I have lots of ideas for designs, but the collection I’m going to work on next is for men so keep an eye out for this!

Social Media

I am at the start of developing this and I would appreciate any support on social media even just a follow so check out my profiles below:

Check out my store and let me know what you think! I’d be delighted to see some orders coming through but if you have any suggestions for designs you might like to see in future then definitely let me know!

Chelsea x

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