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Throughout my career I’ve found myself in many situations where I’ve looked and felt out of place. As…

Throughout my career I’ve found myself in many situations where I’ve looked and felt out of place. As a young woman working in cyber security I’ve always worked in predominately male teams and attended events where it’s difficult to spot any other women. Over the years, I’ve met some AMAZING people who have supported and mentored me but I’ve also been made to feel excluded and belittled. During the tougher times, I could have used a support network.

Since I started being more open about my career journey and the struggled I’ve faced, I’ve had lots of people get in touch with me who have also felt uncomfortable, unsure of themselves and that they don’t fit in. I TOTALLY understand this feeling and have felt it many times. 😣

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Embrace it!

🎯 What I want to say to anyone reading is remember this, when you find yourself in work or in a situation where you are feeling out of place, EMBRACE it. Focus on the unique value you bring and the fact you absolutely deserve the space you occupy! 🙌

We NEED people who don’t fit the “norm” whatever that norm looks like within the team, organisation or situation you find yourself in. Having people who think a bit differently and can come up with new ideas and suggestions is only a good thing. I know better than anyone how hard this actually is when your feeling out of place, and that’s why I started the Alpha Female Network.

The Alpha Female Network

I really want to inspire and motivate women to achieve their goals, and start a supportive community and support network. I know the times in my career where I could have done with knowing someone who had faced similar challenges and how they overcame them. Here’s what I’ll be covering through the network:

  • Support for other women feeling out of place in their careers.
  • Inspiration for women who want to achieve more.
  • Guidance on balancing work and home life.
  • Exercise and nutrition and how it helped me stay sane.
  • Preventing burnout – check out my blog post on this.

I’ll be blogging on this site and posting to Instagram regularly so please follow the page – https://www.instagram.com/alpha_female_network/

Check out my LinkedIn

I’ve done a short video on LinkedIn about this so check it out, follow me on LinkedIn and reach out if you want to chat about anything! https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6763075257344503808/  💪

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